Positive Workplace Environment Is An Energy Booster For Employees

Our workplace is a second home for us because we spend maximum time of a day here. So, it is very important to know how healthy our workplace environment is. The working environment includes everything related to the work, such as relationship with colleagues and managers, workplace culture, meeting rooms etc. A positive workplace environment boosts the attitude of employees and makes them feel happy to come to office.

Transparency is a very important factor for good workplace environment. When you communicate with your colleagues or supervisors, it needs to be open communication. The open and transparent communication is valuable because it does not create confusion. Employees can share their thoughts with all the team members having transparent discussions. The discussion should be a give and take communication. This both end communication will minimize the obstacles arises in the workplace environment.

Imbalance between your personal life and professional life also affects the workplace environment. Mostly people find it difficult to balance these two phases of life, especially women. Try to separate your personal life from working life, so that it will not hamper your work in any way. Training and improvement is a necessity for the enhancement of the productivity of employees. The training programs train the employees to work in the high risky conditions. These training sessions also groom the communication and hard skills of the employees.

Giving reward to the hardworking employees boost the self confidence of the employees. It is kind of motivational therapy for the employees. Rewards and remunerations encourage the behavior of the employee to become loyal for his/her organization. Now, the top most important factor for positive workplace environment is good team spirit. Your power is just half when you perform a particular task, but when you do it with efficient teammates your power will become double this time. Co-ordination among the team member is very important for organizational goals to achieve.

Positive workplace environment has an energy booster for employees to work effectively. On the other hand sometimes employees face harassment in the workplace. We notice that mostly women face the workplace harassment. It is a suggestion that do not suffer a lot if you are facing these kinds of situations. Now days there are lots of forum designed to help the employee from workplace environment. If you feel harassment in the workplace, kindly approach these forums to overcome from this situation. The forum will take the necessary action against the person responsible for harassment in the workplace.

Self-Motivation Is Good For Therapeutic Inspiration

Motivation is a therapy of driving force that creates enthusiasm in an individual to move forward. It is a kind of inspiration to do any task with self confidence and complete trust. Every one of us looks for motivation to go ahead, but the best motivational therapy is self motivation.  

What is the demand of the employers? They need self motivated employees that do not want motivation therapy from others. They can self start the tasks without getting nervous about risks. Self motivators explore their thoughts according to the work conditions. They have an in-build inspiration and do not get upset from failure. They always look forward for the success and take the organization to the next level.  

Self motivators are good source of inspiration for other nonproductive employees. Meeting the organizational goal is not possible for one man, it required everyone’s co-ordination. Self motivators motivate their team member to work hard to achieve the organizational goal. They create an enthusiastic environment in the organization where each employee gives his/her best for the success. The self motivated employees are so committed to the organization that they seem like a generator of therapeutic motivation therapy for other employees.

Do you have any idea that why employers give importance to self motivators? Self motivation is like a therapy to generate real leaders for successful organization. Companies appoint self motivators because of their knowledge and skills, so that they move the organization to success path. Companies do not want to hire such employees that always need spoon feeding and wait for someone to give them motivational therapy. That is the reason employers research a lot while interviewing a candidate.

It is not very easy for the organization to attract the self motivators, but if succeeds in doing it then they feel relax for the bright future of the organization. Self motivation is the best quality that every employer is looking for. The companies do not get self motivated employees so easily, but as and when they find them while interview session immediately they hire them. Organizations hire self motivated employees because they want to create more productive and committed work culture in the organization.

Now, you may think ‘can I also be a self-motivated person?’ Yes, of course you can be. If you know the advantages of self-motivation, you become so. Self-motivated employees are generally very hard working and committed to their job, hence get promoted faster than those employees who just finish their job for the sake of getting fixed salary. Self motivated employees will be the first choice by the employers to assign any task because they are more trustworthy and will be able to finish their work on time. Day by day you will be assigned more interesting and higher responsibility tasks to do. It is a great achievement for you. Now the very important benefit of being self motivated is self satisfaction. If you are satisfied with your performance, then everything goes well in future. Hence, the conclusion is that self motivational therapy is the key to success.

Keeping Motivated In A Strenuous Business Environment

Workplace-StressIf you are also a part of the business or corporate environments where 40 hour work weeks are just not enough for helping you in keeping ahead in the competition, you will definitely be finding yourself extremely strained. Insomnia has become the rule in these environments and it is often noticed that people are spending sleepless nights and restless days in trying to get the best out of themselves. In the end, the results remain zero and productivity starts to diminish. Quite obviously, no one wants this to happen to themselves or their business.

This kind of symptoms are quite common with business owners, managers and head honchos of any organization. However, finding strained employees is not very uncommon these days. What went wrong with the concept of working 5 days a week and enjoying your life the rest? Don’t you feel that your dream of entrepreneurship and leadership has gone down the drain and you have to work two shifts in one day, just to make sure that everything stays right in place? If yes, then read on and find balance in your life. We will be talking about the reasons why business motivations vanishes in thin air and how some of the best leadership strategies can uplift you and make you feel better about your business and life in general. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Why do workplaces become strenuous?

Every business has to face competition and survival is becoming tougher by the day. A lot of business owners suggest that they want to ward off competition and this is why they are stressing out and creating a mess. Hey, cool down tiger. It is not the competition that is making you lose your business motivation. Instead, it is one of those small and simple things that you sometimes ignore while being the boss. Now, just sit calmly and read the reasons why you are stressed out and why you need business motivational therapy.

  • Overthinking- there is no need to overthink about your business or even your decisions. It is okay if your competition is putting in more thought to their business. Get along with your team and design a strategy of your own. When you overthink, you constantly push the panic button which ‘literally’ fuses your brain and makes you less productive. Ironically, thinking too much leads to thinking too little and doing even less. So stop creating a fuss about why you could not think about those ideas before or why someone else is selling those gift coupons when you could have.
  • I will do it by myself- why do you need to do so? Are you running a business or a one man bakery shop? You can’t do it all on your own. You need people who can help you out in your endeavor. If you can’t find employees who can work with you right from your office, find online collaborators or outsource the functions that you cannot handle properly on your own. Okay, we understand you are great at planning and execution. You know how to manage your human resource and you know what marketing strategies to follow. Great, but what about the finances? Think about it.
  • Clutter- most of the people lose motivation in business because they have too many tasks to do. This can happen to the proprietor of a small business as well as the CEO of a giant multinational. The point is to eat the elephant one bite at a time. You can’t chew it all together. So why waste time in even thinking about doing so. Clear your clutter right now. Don’t do it theoretically. Organize your workbench and CLEAR YOUR DESK. We mean it!
  • I don’t have a life- how on earth do you expect yourself having a life outside your business when you are on the strain overkill mode? Spare at least a Sunday for yourself. Meet people and get a life.

How to stop the strain overkill with leadership strategies?

Above, we talked about some ways in which you go on a strain overkill. However, there are many ways in which you will be able to devise your own motivational therapy and make adequate leadership strategies that reduce your burden, make business environments more peaceful and also make sure that your productivity increases manifold. Take a look at how some of the simplest leadership strategies can help you make a daily motivational therapy for yourself. Take a look.

  • Meet your people when stressed- it is quite easy to get stressed out and spend some time alone with your cup of coffee. Stop doing that right now. Get out of your cabin and meet your staff. You will be surprised at the amount of business motivation you can get from them. Don’t discuss work, just share coffee and have a small chit chat. You and your employees will definitely stay motivated this way.
  • Organize yourself- come on! Don’t mind spending half an hour at the end of each day to organize the stuff that you have to do tomorrow. Don’t put the pictures of your mother, your girlfriend, your best friend and your dog on the table and forget (we mean FORGET) about keeping tons or folders and files and unnecessary papers and stationery on your desk. Do the same to your virtual workbench. Those pictures can be hung on the wall, those folders can be neatly organized in other space.
  • Rediscover your business motivation- go back in time and think what inspired you for this business. What was the reason behind your efforts and how far you have come in this journey? Contemplate and you shall win. If possible, take a break and rediscover the passion, the motivation for your work and you will come back with more fire.
  • Meditate- don’t spend your entire day in meetings, travels, business planning, work corrections and signing important document. Find some quite time of your own. Meditate it possible and shrug the worries off the shoulder.

Advice on How to Stay Calm in a Stressful Environment

You might feel like it won’t work. However, you must know that every entrepreneur needs to revisit the child inside him. Go for a more creative workplace, wear your pajamas to your workplace at times and keep changing the order of things (even if it in your own cabin or your work hours). You will be glad you did so.

Leading Others With Motivation In Workplace

Motivation is the power of influencing someone to do a certain kind of work through inspiring and assertive actions. It is a continuous process that has to keep going on along with work and in order to get the best out of the workers. Workplace motivation is the core of healthy employee-employer relationship and the essence of leadership.

For a construction company, motivation should be to the extent of influencing the workers to dig with the shovels rather than leaning on them. For a sales related firm, motivation is related to making workers to place sales calls rather than staring at the phone. For a retail based company, motivation should be such, that the workers greet and attend the customer with smile and establish a healthy relation. In the restaurant industry, the extent of motivation should be such that the server is influenced to create such a customer experience that the dining experience becomes enjoyable leaving them with refreshed satisfaction.

The point here is, as business managers and motivational leaders are challenged constantly with how to get workers to move from thought process to action process, business environments are becoming stressful by the day. This is to be done not because people are dumb, stupid or lazy but due to the fact that is, what managers and leaders are paid to do -to do what is morally ethical and essential  to get ordinary people to do some extra-ordinary things on consistent and regular basis for both fun and profit.

How can this be done with ease?

By making every employee’s experience counted as important, crucial, respected, impactful and last but not the least- profitable, as your customers’ best experience.

Businesses around the world spend a hefty amount of money trying to get people in the door to first buy and then providing them with the best customer service possible. For example on how to do this, visit an Apple store or fly with Qatar airways or Ralph Lauren to shop for shoes or you can visit your favorite and most frequent restaurant and then observe what goes on there that draws you back over there, time and again. It is most likely that those businesses are putting hell lot of time and efforts into developing their own employees.

Look out for what your employees’ core personal values are like.

Teach the employees on what your business core values are and what kind of behavior makes them come to life. Then explore how, the working in this business area will help them to achieve their own core personal values. The human principle of “enlightened self-interest,” drives people’s inner motivation to look for the genius within them. Make this the basis of your hiring criteria, development and firing.

Do the above two things, Day-in-and-Day-out

By doing the above two motivational therapies, you will be on the road to achieving a financially sustainable business, fueled up by an engaged and committed group of workers who will infuse the spirit of satisfaction and contentment into your customers.

For workplace motivation the leader performing the motivational work has to become an inspiration himself. But workers get inspired only by those leaders, who in their eyes are kind enough to hear their grievances and be their example to work alike. An inspiring leader with motivational skills can be the mantra for success in the business organization’s wellbeing.

There is a lot to be understood by managers and skill trainers all around the world. People will be motivated because of different factors. There are only a few fundamentals that always remain the same. Take the example of a cup of coffee. For you, a darker, thicker and stronger brew might be more suitable while your employee might want something lighter with lots of foam and whipped cream. However, we cannot deny the fact that both wish to drink coffee. The idea here is to understand what these basics are and how they can be customized for every individual so that he may get his motivation back.

HOW? Here’s a brief template for generating the ideas from your employees that will sell the very change to your team. There are the 5 needs in the words for each question.

Answer these 2 sets of questions:

How will the change help you increase or improve your team’s 
• safety, health, preparedness, organization? 
• Fun, entertainment, enjoyment, engagement? 
• Success, respect, empowerment, importance, control and power? 
• Freedom from…, from to…., independence, self-expression? 
• Relationships, self-respect, connection to others?

How will the change be reduced or be removed:

• Surprises, danger, loss, lack of predictability, unplanned or unexpected events? 
• Frustration, boredom, lack of variety in tasks being performed, disengagement? 
• Inaccuracy, loss of control on self and the work, frequent cases of mismanagement, errors in judgment or otherwise? 
• Lack of counsel, stifled, feeling like you are being controlled, dragged around or coerced? 
• Exclusion from the group or dysfunction of the team, separation, loneliness?

Ideally, you will be able to identify with at least one answer in each of these pointers. Some of you might even identify with more than one or all of them. Is it something negative? Of course it is. It shows lack of motivation. We are all working for money, right? But it is not money that gives us the drive to work hard and give our best. It is the motivation that we feel at every point in our life, especially in our workplaces, that makes us take action, be competitive and get ahead in the race.

The only answer is change- be it motivation therapy, a break for your work, a vacation to a place where you don’t contact people or anything else that you might like. Yes, change can be scary, but it will always be providing you something good to hold on to. You can change the way you work, change your work hours, change your style, change your tasks. Just keep on changing one variable at a time and you shall find that long lost motivation coming back to you. Most importantly, love your work and spread this love around. 

Quotes About Not Giving Up

Quotes About Not Giving Up

Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets Incredible Comeback

With 35 seconds left in the fourth quarter of a basketball game the Houston Rockets found themselves down by 13 points. At this point the fans gave up on their team and decided to leave the bleachers and try to get home before the traffic rush. The Houston Rockets and Tracy McGrady had other plans. No one though that the Rockets had a chance of scoring more than 13 points in 35 seconds. To do such a thing is very tough and would require a lot of skill, desire, passion, and poise. McGrady and the Rockets had just that, and that is why they came back and won the game upsetting the San Antonio Spurs and making history with one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

When asked how McGrady was able to accomplish the feat, he said “I believed in myself and that’s all I needed”. 

Albert Einstein’s Story

Hans Albert Einstien (the father of Albert Einstein) said, “He told me that his teachers reported that . . . he was mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.” Many teachers and classmates though that Einstein was not intelligent and lacked creativity. This did not slow Albert Einstein down. Einstein never gave up and is known as the “father of modern phsyics” because of his theory of relativity, quantum physics, and the world’s most famous equation, e=mc2. Einstein made sure that the world knew exactly how creative and intelligent he was, because he never gave up.

Michael Jordan’s Story in High School

Michael Jordan did not quit basketball when he did not make his high school basketball team. Walt Disney did not give up on his dreams when he was told that he lacked creativity. This is because these individuals know how important it is to NEVER GIVE UP. 

Don’t Give Up

Giving up is the easiest thing that a person can do. It is very easy to drop what you are doing because of insecurities and doubt. However, persevering through challenges, overcoming obstacles, staying motivated and inspired, and completing any dream that is put in front of you is what separates a highly successful individual and an average person. Excel beyond what is expected by keeping yourself inspired and by never giving up.

Never give up is not something that you tell yourself, it’s something you must practice. Now the next time you are faced with a tough challenge in life remember, keep your head up and never give up.